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Naming template (.tpl.php) files This guide describes how to name template (.tpl.php) files in order to override the Drupal default. For example how to create a custom template for a specific block, user or module. 16
Basic guide to blocks in Drupal This is an introduction to blocks in Drupal. Blocks allow you to display content in different areas of the screen and can be used to customise the look of your site. This guide explains the basics of using and customising blocks in Drupal. 47
Drupal 6 - Content Construction Kit (CCK) This guide covers the basics of the Content Construction Kit (CCK) for Drupal 6. This guide covers everything you would ever need to know about the module including: installing the module, creating a custom content type, user rights management, data input, theming using template files, theming using Contemplate and more! 56
How to make a fully customised Drupal theme This guide describes the process of creating a theme for Drupal 6.x. It describes the purpose of each file in the theme and the PHP variable which can be called to create various page elements. 70
Block Theme Module As seen on Mustard Seed Media. See how the module works and how it makes it so very easy to make all your blocks look differently by throwing one convenient switch in the Drupal UI 76